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Disability Benefits Canada is a web resource which allows Canadians to read about the different benefits which they may be eligible for as a result of their disability. If you are a disabled Canadian, we can appreciate how hard it can be to make ends meet.

At Disability Benefits Canada you will find information regarding the Disability Tax Credit which may entitle you to receive up to $25,000 in retroactive payments from the government. The process for claiming these benefits is complex, however, if you are so inclined you may find information here on how to do it yourself.


It’s Your Choice…

Whether you choose to claim disability benefits on your own or retain Disability Benefits Canada to act on your behalf, this website contains all of the information you will need to do so.

The required paperwork may present some difficulty to complete accurately and completely. Even people who are seriously impaired by rheumatoid arthritis are sometimes declined simply because they have made some mistake in the filing.

Disability Benefits Canada has a lot of experience with the Disability Tax Credit process and can prepare the filing for you.

Featured Article

Disability Tax Credit For Canadians

There are certain disability benefits Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed to assist those dealing with the financial burdens of their disability. Among them is the Disability Tax Credit.

There are certain conditions that are required to be met before you become entitled to the disability tax credit. The CRA stipulates that a person must be significantly impaired, whether physically or mentally, in two or more areas of the basic activities of daily life. Those who cannot perform the activity by themselves, or who take a very long time to be able to complete the task, may qualify for the disability tax credit. Read more >>


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